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We can pull trimmings from your bin and replace with shredded material.


Trimmings-Mature Compost-Recently Shredded.

Community Garden Shredding Prices

Homeowner Composting

Why Compost?

Reduce waste going to a landfill up to 30% while enriching your garden and flower bed soil. Participate in and enjoy the process!

Maintaining The Bin

It's easy! Just fill your bin with yard waste and food scraps, we take care of the rest.

Composting That Works

Guaranteed results or we'll take your bin back!

Homeowner Prices

About Teegen Compost Services

Mark Teegen

Mark started composting in 1986 when the village never made it to pick up leaves on his parkway. He successfully composted the pile of leaves and has been hooked ever since. Mark has composted over ten thousand pounds of food scraps and ten(s) of thousands of pounds of yard trimmings! Mark has been in the Green Industry since 1994 and has been a full time Organics Recycler since 2014.


"Really enjoyed working with Mark. He was very  professional. I love the way he helps us be green!"  Jeff B.  Des Plaines


"We have worked with Mark for 3 years and have been amazed at his dedication, passion and results."  Randy P.  Mt.Prospect

"Working with Teegen Compost Services has been a pleasure. Mark was on time and everything he said would happen did happen."  Rick B.  Glenview

"Mark is definitely the best solution we found for our garden." 

Renee P.  Montrose Metra Community Gardens

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